Prospective Elder Review

In January of 2020, we began praying for God to raise up additional shepherds for the Oak Hills Church flock. In February, we launched our New Elder Recommendation campaign and received many great recommendations from our body. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our process was delayed a few months. However, we're pleased to report that we've finalized our recommendation interviews and have extended invitations to 22 men to join our Elder Team.

Below the list of prospective elders scheduled to join the Elder Team of Oak Hills Church on the weekend of August 29/30, 2020. Please pray for our prospective new elders and submit any biblically-based challenge of confirmation to a current elder by August 14. Please submit all challenges in writing and include your full name. Correspondence may be emailed to or mailed to Oak Hills Church, Attention: Elder, 6929 Camp Bullis Rd, San Antonio, TX 78256. All correspondence will remain confidential. *See elder qualifications here.


Meet the Elders

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Roosevelt & Patricia Adams - Crownridge campus

Jim & Julie Barker - Crownridge campus

Bo & Pat Brockman - westside campus

Gabriel & Susan Cary - Alamo ranch campus

Daniel & Hope Casas - westside campus

Clarence & Cynthia Case - Alamo ranch campus

Tom & Marian Cates - Crownridge campus

Gary & Paula Chance - crownridge campus

Jim & Mary Esther Class - crownrdige campus

Gerry & Sandy Crites - Crownridge campus

Mike & Benita Fager - westside campus

Steve & Cheryl Green - Crownridge campus

Jerry & Janet Hale - Crownridge campus

Presciliano & Maria Hernandez - westside campus

Jerry & Randa Hollon - Crownridge campus

Antonio & Aurora Juarez - westside campus

David & Jan Karney - Crownridge campus

Keith & Sarah Kennington - Crownridge campus

Ron & Sue King - Crownridge campus

Larry & Elza Marshall - Crownridge campus

Dennis & Cindy Means - Crownridge campus

Rick & Laura Nicosia - crownridge Campus

Ted & Alana Ownby - Crownridge campus

John & Joy Pruett - Crownridge campus

Jay & Janis Rogers - crownridge campus 

Mark & Cindy Sharp - westside campus

Larry & Susan Simmons - Crownridge campus

Don & Charlotte Tapp - alamo ranch campus

Jim & Mary Toombs - Crownridge campus

David & Judy Treat - Crownridge campus

George & Carolyn Vaughn - Crownridge campus

Philip & Donna Vick - Crownridge campus

Duane & Nancy Whitfield - Crownridge campus

Michael & Kathy Wirth - Crownridge campus

Stephen & Thora Yoon - Alamo ranch campus