Life With OHC

If you are ready to take your next step with OHC, come to a Life with Oak Hills class. You’ll interact with our staff, elders and others as you hear about our beliefs, mission, vision, and learn how you can take your next step in life with Oak Hills.

Alamo Ranch Sun, Mar 18 / 10:00AM

North Central Sun, Mar 18 / 11:00AM

Crownridge Sun, Mar 18 / 11:30AM

Fredericksburg Sun, Mar 18 / 12:00PM

Journey Fellowship Sun, Mar 18 / 12:30PM

Westside Sun, Mar 18 / 1:30PM

Alamo Ranch Sun, Apr 15 / 10:00AM

North Central Sun, Apr 15 / 11:00AM

Crownridge Sun, Apr 15 / 11:30AM

Fredericksburg Sun, Apr 15 / 12:00PM

Journey Fellowship Sun, Apr 15 / 12:30PM

Westside Sun, Apr 15 / 1:30PM