Legacy: Influencing the Faith of the Next Generation

Legacy: Influencing the Faith of the Next Generation  

Would you like to leave a legacy of character and faith that outlasts the grave and influences the world after you are gone? At Oak Hills Church, one of our core values is family focus, which points to the powerful combined influence of the church and the family. Across all generations, we see God use multigenerational discipleship to foster unity and faithfulness among his people. He uses the lives of one generation to shape the next. God is still at work in his people, each person’s unique story plays a vital part in forming the story of our church community. Together, we form a beautiful multigenerational mosaic, one powerful picture of connected families, and a thriving church community.

Join us for this 6-week series as we journey through Scripture to study the lives of ordinary people who left extraordinary legacies of faith and we learn to influence the faith of our next generation. 

Oak Hills Church is using RightNow Media study The Book of Timothy by Charlie Dates to supplement our study throughout the week.

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Use the weekly sermon notes to follow along with each week's message.

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